We count on your support to advance the science of preventive medicine. Together we can.

Thank you for considering a donation to the European Society of Preventive Medicine (ESPM). Your support will help us in our mission to research, develop and promote comprehensive regenerative medicine solutions for the diseases and disabilities of ageing. ESPM is a public charity non-profit. Donations are fully deductible as a charitable contribution.

At the intersection of clinical medicine and public health

ESPM was created to promote preventive medicine with a focus on predictive, personalized and personalized approaches for chronic diseases (P4 MEDICINE). Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and metabolic disorders (type-2-diabetes, obesity) are now the leading cause of death and disability on the planet.

The mission of ESPM is to improve individual and population health by developing and disseminating effective health promotion and chronic disease prevention and management strategies and to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research, education, and community outreach.

ESPM supports problem-focused research. It uses collaboration among a broad array of health professionals and scientists who share a perspective for prevention and systems-based approaches (P4 MEDICINE) in their research, clinical practice, community outreach, public policy, etc.

Guidelines for donating to the European Society of Preventive Medicine

ESPM accepts financial and other support from all external to entities, including but is not limited to corporate, philanthropic or individual. Both financial and/or non-financial (i.e. product or services) contributions are welcome.

The Society recognizes the value in providing any donor that wishes to support our mission to promote all aspects of P4 MEDICINE the opportunity to provide financial or other support.

ESPM is committed to transparency in disclosing the sources of funding, clear stipulations outlining our commitment to the ethical use of funds, and a commitment to non-influence of the funding sources over the operation and initiatives put forth by ESPM.

As such, ESPM follows the criteria for accepting external funding described below:

  1. The donor expresses a desire to provide support to ESPM to further the advancement and/or adoption of P4 MEDICINE.
  2. The donor agrees that they will have no authority to direct or influence the operation of or initiatives put forth by ESPM.
  3. The donor agrees that the relationship with ESPM can in no way be used to imply that ESPM endorses the donor or any of its products, services, or mission(s).
  4. Donors are encouraged to make unrestricted contributions; however, they are permitted to make contributions restricted to a specific purpose, so long as that purpose is consistent with the mission and operations of ESPM.

Funds will not be accepted if they:

  1. Set condition(s) above the inferences to be drawn from research or other activities by members of ESPM.
  2. Set any conditions about the views to be presented in any ESPM forum (including the views of non ESPM members).
  3. Restrict the dissemination of any information about or from any ESPM activity.
  4. Restrict acceptance of funding from other sources.
  5. Entail any obligation to support in any way the goals of the donor, except for those goals that are mutual with ESPM for the specific activity funded.
  6. Could, through other kinds of coercion, result in conditions above.

Through this approach to funding, the ethical responsibility of ESPM is to approve donor funds for unbiased usage and scientifically valuable ends. Donors know that if they provide financial and/or nonfinancial support to ESPM they will receive recognition for supporting efforts to advance P4 MEDICINE. Also, ESPREVMED commits to use the funds in ways that are appropriate and free from bias and that no ESPM policy or action will in any way be influenced by our financial relationships at any time. The ESPM leadership are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that these principles are upheld in all we do.

Donate to ESPM via the button below (external site) or contact us to discuss collaboration and funding opportunities.

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